October 6, 2022

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Runaways Fly Into Council Meeting

horse_160623bHere is an aspect of 1910 life that we, in the 21st century, do not encounter: runaways on the streets.

When you read that statement what image did the word runaway bring to your mind?
A child running away from home?
A spouse running away from a marriage?

The runaways in this context would be horses and the most dangerous ones would be horse drawn wagons or carriages which, in 1910, would be fairly common on the streets and roads of Grand Forks.

Why would the Mayor be so concerned about them he brought the topic up in City Council in this week in 1910? Because twice in the previous week the streets of Grand Forks had been the scene of runaways and both times it was due to indiscriminate scattering of handbills, advertisements, by commercial concerns in town. The wind driven pages become animated antagonists to the horses on the streets and some get scared enough to bolt – dangerously dragging their loads behind as they flee to safety.

This also points out an origin story:
Why are those advertising things that clog your mailbox called Flyers?
Could it be because the handbills they evolved from were often found flying around after being discarded?

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