November 27, 2021

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Two Very Different Takes

how_the_newspapers_differ_on_the_circusIn the newspapers this week (back in 1910 of course) you can see evidence of how the newspaper staff differ in their ‘takes’ on the circus coming to town next week.

The Gazette has an advertisement on page 1 and a small promotional piece on page 2. If you believe what these say this will be a huge event with lots to see and enjoy. A large traveling circus with 300 horses and 300 people all there “… presenting the largest, cleanest and most gorgeous entertainment that has ever been given heretofore under canvas.” They have Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Camels and an Asiatic Yak

The Evening Sun has no such advertisement. (click on the image to read more) It would appear that the staff at the Sun have a rather jaundiced view of this circus and they’re pretty up front about it, as in their opinion appears on page 1. And what do they have to say? Well their piece has the title “Picayunish”. They refer to it as a “one-horse circus which will undoubtedly take all the loose cash out of the city next week.”

They go on to say that the reason there is no ad is because they would not give the circus a lower rate than they charge local advertisers and that wasn’t acceptable to the advance man for the circus. So no Advert. And then they go on to say “As a rule, the small circuses traveling through country districts are not worth going across the street to see.”

Can they possibly be talking about two different circuses coming to town during the same week? Or is it the same one? You’ll have to wait for the newspapers of the coming weeks to see what transpired.

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