November 26, 2021

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Values Changed a Bit Over the Last Century

town_value_1910In the Evening Sun of June 11, 1910 there is a  short story about the Court of Revision – a panel where property owners could appeal the assessment of taxes on their properties. Seeing as it is Tax time here and now I felt it was an appropriate article to draw your attention to. And tucked into 3 column inches of text we see the total dollar value of the town: $1,103,680.00,

That’s property and improvements. It’s a bit more today, I think the city has quoted a figure around $130 Million for just the city’s part. With houses and industry it might be a a bit more. (click on the pictures to see them larger or go to our Old Newspapers page to read the whole paper)


Another thing appearing in that paper was a couple of pieces on Immigration. In recent times we were talking about receiving some of the 25,000 refugees from Syria. That didn’t work out . . . now. Back in 1910 it was a different story. The immigrants were coming and there was so many that the Immigration Inspector, a Mr. McCallum, came before City Council to say they needed to build a detention building to help process them. We’re talking Grand Forks as a port of entry so it would likely be safe to assume these are people entering from the USA. Why so many back in 1910 I wonder?immigration_1910