August 14, 2022

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City Council Meeting May 30 2016

160530_proposed_developmentOver the past decade I’ve heard a rumour of a coming attraction at various times, a rumour that so far has not materialized . . . until now. The city council meeting of May 30th held a verification of that rumour – someone IS planning on opening a Tim Horton’s here in Grand Forks.

You can hear all about that in the Recommendations from staff part of the meeting. Or you can click on the puce coloured pie slice in the graphic left of the text ‘Dev Permit Commercial Development (Tim Hortons)’

In the Information Items section there’s an invite to participate in a ‘Xeriscaping Contest’. That’s a the brainchild of Pete Matheson and will be part of the Learning Garden’s efforts to promote water-wise gardening. He says “Four prizes will be offered and I’m hoping that the council’s creativity may contribute to that list with, perhaps, a photo-op presentation of winner acknowledgement from the mayor or…?” Well Peter I know at least one person on council has professional experience in landscaping . . . maybe they could award a couple of hours of Councilor Butler’s efforts as a prize?

There was much more to see and hear (like the Mayor trying to Shuck and Cluck) and you can do that below.

If you want to jump to to a particular item use the pie slices in the graphic below the video. If you wish to see the meeting agenda it is at the end of this article.


UPDATE: The agenda for the meeting is below

Download (PDF, 11.73MB)

REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB REPORT Contracted Bylaw Enforcement Officer Development Permit Proposed Highway Commercial Development (Tim Hortons) dissolve Transition Housing Project Steering Committee INFO ITEMS Requesting Special Occasion Liquor Licence for 2nd Annual Shuck and Cluck Gala Walker Development Centre opportunity to participate in establishment of a scholarship program Request for support regarding the Xeriscape Landscaping Contest developed through the Learning Garden Canada Day invite BYLAWS 2016 Water rates amendment 2016 Waste Water Rates Amendment Late items - Financial plan Update QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA