August 14, 2022

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Bi-Election Results

160528_bi_election_resultsThe results (alphabeticall)

70 Eburne Stoodley

15 Johnston

179 Korolek

58 O’Doherty

76 Piper

211 Taylor

280 Tripp

Apparently there were about 200 the first day and about 680 on May 28th – actual 889 – just over 30%.

In percentages it looks like this:



160528_bi_election_results_total_pieIt is important to keep in mind that approximately 30% of the total possible voters came out to vote. Meaning that 70% did not vote. Look at the percentages cast in that light in the blue and white graph and you can see that the winner only had 9% of the possible votes. That is not to say that if everyone had come out to vote she would have only had 9% – she likely would have had more votes. But so would the other candidates. The only sure thing that can be said is that 70% did Not Vote – for whatever reason they effectively cast a ‘do not care’ vote.

Morning and mid-afternoon (2 to 3) were the busiest times at the poll.

Congratulations to Bev Tripp on winning the seat.
To all those who ran and helped: Thank You for caring about our community enough to put in all that effort and concern. We owe you that at a minimum.
To those of you whose efforts did not bring success we hope that your enthusiasm is not too dimmed by the experience. Democracy needs participation, without people like you it just doesn’t work. Be pleased with yourselves for partaking of your rights and meeting your implied obligations as citizens in a democracy – you deserve that.