August 14, 2022

Grand Forks TV

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May Long Weekend Relatively Tame on West Kootenay Highways


The West Kootenay Traffic Services/Nelson IRSU are pleased to announce that the Kootenay Boundary did not have any serious or fatal crashes this weekend. The roads were very busy but with a large presence of enforcement and the rainy weather, the motoring public stayed safe.

Not all the public adhered to the traffic laws of British Columbia. The WKTS and Nelson IRSU stopped and charged 19 drivers with excessive speed and their vehicles were impounded for 7 days due to traveling in excess of 40 km/hr over the posted speed limit. The highest speed was 167 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone which was a truck pulling a large cargo trailer passing cars. Three impaired driver’s were apprehended with two of them leading to other criminal charges. One was charged with possession for the Purpose of Trafficking for 10 lbs of marijuana and the other with Breach of Probation.

The WKTS/Nelson IRSU will continue to be on the road and through enforcement and education we are hoping to make this the safest year ever for traveling in the Kootenay Boundary.