November 27, 2021

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What a difference a facility can make

What a difference a facility like a race track can make to the kind of festivities you can put on.

In 1910 we had one of those, a race track. It was at Fireman’s Park. That’s where the Fall Fair used to be held before the park was taken out and the property given over to industry. Since that time the Fall Fair has been trying to find a new, permanent, home. That’s a bit of a distraction and, with a much smaller volunteer base, doesn’t make putting it on an easier.

Just reading the list of planned events for the May 24th annual celebration of the Volunteer Fire Department gives testament to what can be planned for if you have a permanent facility. From the May 19th 1910 Gazette front page:

G. F. Fireman to Entertain on Tuesday, May 24th, List of Sports, Etc.

The annual celebration of the Volunteer Fire Department of this city  will be held as usual on Tuesday next, May 24th, at the race track grounds. The fire boys this year are making greater preparations than ever before to entertain the residents of the city and surrounding country .
The committees having the celebration in hand for this year are sparing no efforts to make this celebration go down in history as the best and cleanest days fun and actual enjoyment that the Boundary district ever had.

The following is the prize list adopted, although some few items may yet be added to same:

Baseball tournament between Republic, Phoenix, Danville and Grand Forks, for a purse of $75.

  • Matched race between Sunday M, owned by W. Sands of Danville, and Dan K, owned by C. M. Kingston of this city, for a purse of$500.
  • Automobile race, first $25.
  • Motorcycle race, first $10.
  • Portland mares race, heals, first $50, second $25.
  • Three minute trot or pace, heats, first $50, second $25.
  • Pony race, 1/4 mile, 14 1/2 hands and under first $7.50, second $2.50.
  • Gentlemen’s driving race, first $10.
  • Slow horse race, 1/2 mile, first $2.50, second $1.
  • Farmers race 1/4 mile, team to wagon; first $10.
  • Gentlemen’s saddle race, 1/2 mile, free for all, first $15, second $10.
  • Ladies’ saddle race, 1/4 mile, first $5, second $3.
  • Free for all running race, first $25, second $10.
  • Cowboy race, 300 yards, 2 turns, first $5, second $2.
  • Brocho busting exhibition, first $10.
  • Boys three-legged race, first $I, second 50c.
  • Boys sack race, first $1, second 50c.
  • 100 yards dash, free for all, first $5, second $2.50.

The admission to the race track grounds has been placed at 5Oc. For adults and 25c. for children.

As mentioned in the previous week’s edition they got a new Hose Wagon for the Fire Dept. a short while ago. Well it would appear that this new Hose Wagon is deficient in some ways and they figure it could cost something over $100 to make it right. So they’re going to dispose of it and get another one. And this time they will strike a committee to coordinate with the Firemen to ensure they get one that meets requirements . . . kind of makes one wonder if the first purchase was made by politicians alone (without asking the Firemen what they needed).


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