November 27, 2021

Grand Forks TV

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City Council meetings May 9 2016

[UPDATE – Financial Statement handout added at end of post]

This last monday was a long day for City Council. The Committee Of The Whole meeting was over 2 hours long and the evening meeting was just short of 2 hours in length.

Every slice in the images below is a button that will take you to the part of video of the council meeting on YouTube where they are discussing that topic. Some slices are small and the text is rather hard to read – just hover your mouse over the slice and the description will appear beside the cursor.



In the regular meeting there is a section regarding the Financial Statement. That was not part of the agenda package before the meeting but was a handout given out at the start of the meeting. Below is a scan of that document.

Download (PDF, 1.82MB)

Building Inspection and Bylaw Services - Contracted Bylaw Enforcement Officer Rural Dividend Fund / Economic Development Gilmore ALC Application 6370 - 12th St. Small House Engagement Protected Natural Area Zoning Municipal Natural Capital Initiative Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers PROPOSED BYLAWS FOR DISCUSSION Bylaw 1973-A2 - 2016 Water Rates Amendment Bylaw 1974-A1 - Sewer Rates Amend 2016 LATE ITEMS Knights Inn development QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND MEDIA REGISTERED PETITIONS AND DELEGATIONS Neil Fletcher from BC Wildlife Federation REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Mayor makes motion to dissolve the current water rates committee RDKB REPORT RECOMMENDATIONS FROM STAFF FOR DECISIONS Social Media Policy 207 Rural Dividend Fund 2015 Financial Statements 2016 Financial Plan Amend Water Rates Analysis Pickleball Budget Amendment Gilmore ALC Subdivision 6370 - 12th St. Small House Engagement Protected Natural Area Zoning Municipal Natural Capital Initiative Electric Vehicle Purchase INFO ITEMS Public Works Assoc. of BC - May 15-21, National PW Week Good Sam Club - Invitation to Mayor Grand Forks International Liquor Permit Appointment of Designated Local Authority Officer for Election Grand Forks ATV Club Request for Funding Partnership with Columbia Western Rail Trail Society Boundary Museum Upcoming AGM Invitation for May 14th from 1-3 pm Tax Sale Lands Amend Bylaw 419-A1 Capital Reserve Amend 1854-A1 Bylaw No. 1919-A1 1st and 2nd Rdgs Sustainable Community Plan Bylaw final reading to The City of Grand Forks Slag Sale Reserve Fund, 1977 Repeal Bylaw No. 1005-R, 2016 final reading to Slag Sale Reserve Fund Bylaw 2027, 2016 Capital Reserves Bylaw 2028 Land Sales Reserve Bylaws 2029, 1609-R Parcel Tax Bylaws, Fire Truck Parcel Tax Preparation Bylaw 2030, Fire Truck Parcel Tax Imposition Bylaw 2031 2016 Tax Rates Bylaw 2032 QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA