November 27, 2021

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Privacy was different a century ago

These days privacy and security of personal identity are serious business but it wasn’t always that way. In the newspapers of 1910 you can see information about the comings and goings of people who aren’t what we would consider public personages. And when I say comings and goings I mean just that, the actual comings and goings. You can see that in this abstract from the section called ‘City and District’ from the May 12 1910 edition of the Gazette.

  • Herbert Sadler was a business visitor to Republic last week.
  • D. M. Stirton of Orient, visited Grand Forks on Wednesday.
  • W. R. Dewdney took a business trip to Oroville on Wednesday.
  • Born-On Thursday, May 12th, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Manson, a son.
  • H. C. Kerman returned on Monday from a short visit to Trail.
  • Wylie Glover of Bannock city, was a visitor in town on Wednesday.
  • F. W. McLaine of Greenwood, was in town on business Wednesday.
  • W. J. Cook returned last Thursday from a six week’s trip to his old home.
  • Mrs. Edith Cook was visiting relatives in Republic the latter end of last week;
  • Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chapple left Monday for a trip to Vancouver and other coast cities.
  • Mrs. Dewar of Phoenix, who has been visiting with Mrs. (Rev.) McKee, returned up the hill on Wednesday.
  • George Stewart, U. S. immigration inspector, returned last week from a visit to his old home at Baltimore, Md.
  • Martin Burrell, M. P. for Yale-Cariboo, accompanied by Mrs. Burrell, arrived home from Ottawa on Monday.
  • Harry Birnie, who has been away to the coast and other points for the past six months returned to the city today.
  • Judge William. of Phoenix, made one of his many periodical visits to the Gateway City the latter end of last week.
  • C. Hawk and Lottie E. Redfern of North Yakima, Wash., were married by the Rev. W. C. Schlichter in this city on Friday, 6th inst.
  • Jack Coryell left today for the Upper Fraser and Cariboo country, where he will proceed with the survey work which is under supervision of the provincial government.
  • Robert S. Fraser, for a number of years a shiftboss at the Granby mines at Phoenix, was presented with a purse of gold by a number of employees, prior to his leaving that city.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Currie left on Thurs¬day’s C. P. R. for a months’ trip to the coast cities. Mrs. Currie goes as a delegate of Josephine Hive No. 10, L. O. T. M., and will attend the Grand Lodge meeting which is to be held in Victoria this month.
  • P. Moram who bad a tie contract with the Canadian Pacific railway company near Cascade. had a tree fall across him, at that place on Saturday and died about about half an hour afterwards. Dr. Kingston, of this city. coroner, who attended the case, decided that on inquest was not necessary.

These are just a few of the items in the City & District section. You can read all of it and more on our Old Newspapers page.