November 27, 2021

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King Edward VII Is Dead

Well it’s May 7, 1910 and the Evening Sun is out. What’s the news of the day?

April 30 thumb
May 7

After nearly 8 years on the throne King Edward VII has died. Apparently the son of Victoria exhibited ‘tact and judgement’ as well as being a popular monarch. Note the familial connections mentioned: His wife a Danish Princess, one nephew the Emperor of Germany and another the Emperor of Russia.

According to the Principal May there are 294 children enrolled in grades 1 to 7 for April at the Grand Forks Public School. The numbers march on with an increase of 2 over last year’s enrollment.

In the News of the City section there is a mention of ‘Progressive Whist’ and a ‘basket supper’ followed by an hour’s dancing at the social held by the Ladies of the Maccabees in the ‘Davis hall’. Now I know what Whist is having learned it as a child half-way back in time to this date. (not sure if I ever learned progressive whist though) I’m not all that sure about what a basket supper meant.

And then there is the mention of the ‘Davis hall’.
I’ve seen the actual dance hall in the Davis Block in downtown Grand Forks. It’s still there. Sprung dance floor. Pressed tin ceiling. It’s a shame it’s not used anymore but there are various reasons for that. I do wonder how many people know it is there or have seen it though.

Apparently E. Spraggett was having a ‘super-Dreadnaught’ constructed at the Nelson navy yards for racing purposes on Christina Lake. The article continues stating that in the event of war it will be converted into a battleship and turned over to the British Admiralty . . . which rings all sorts of bells in my head. For some reason super-dreadnaught and racing don’t go together in my head. I guess I’ve lived a sheltered existence . . . and then I would not imagine anything approaching the size of a ‘battleship’ would be moving over land from one fresh water lake to another with any ease. Especially in the mountains. Let alone spend it’s off time competing in races. And finally: I guess that Canada didn’t have a Navy of its own at the time. Or serious magnates just didn’t consider it as prestigious as recipient as the Navy of Britannia.

It’s fairly clear that the Evening Sun didn’t enjoy ‘The Bostonians’ or the ‘humbug’ theatrical manager Mr. Cosgrove.

Got Dandruff? Then you need Parisian Sage! If it doesn’t Cure your dandruff then Woodland & Co. will give you your money back!

Read all this and more in the Evening Sun! Compare what and how they cover the news with the Gazette. You can do this at our Really Old News page.