November 27, 2021

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Planning for First Fall Fair Begins in 1910

From the May 5 1910 Gazette:

At the Agricultural Association meeting the discussion about buying the Driving Park and having a Faire. Not only were all the major Ranchers present at the meeting but a lot of the Business leaders showed up too. “The arguments for a fair were practically the same as those advanced at the organization meeting for the association” reported the Gazette.

The Mayor said that buying the race track would cost $6141 and another $500 would need to be spent on repairing the buildings and fence. Mr. Ruckle said he’s take $1000 as a first payment with the balance in three years at %8.

Mr. Savage thought they could realize $1500 from gate receipts of a 3 day fair. A number of people opined that government support would be necessary and / or forthcoming. Mr. Bower suggested that it wouldn’t be so bad if the Ranchers and major Businessmen subscribe to the tune of $25 per year.

The sentiment was overwhelmingly in favour of a Fair next Fall. (over a century later and we still struggle with a place for it to live, how to properly fund it and get enough people to participate)

In the section on City Council:

– Henniger (Health and Relief committee) warns that the Doukhobors aren’t complying with the law and wants the Province to make the Police visit twice a month to ensure  compliance but is refuted by Mayor Clark reporting that the Provincial Constable had visited the settlement twice in the past month and found, with few exceptions, that sanitary matters were in a favourable condition.
– property owners inside city limits warned to clean up their properties or the city would do it for them and send them the bill
– the New Hose Truck (firefighting equipment) has arrived.
– hours for sprinkling are from 6AM to 9PM.

The whole back page is taken up with a Dissolution Sale of Thos. A. McIntyre & Co.
Not a single Lawn Mower over $10. A Wood burning Range for only $48! Lots of Deals on Tuesday the 10th!!

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