May 30, 2023

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Park In The Park 2015

Park In The Park took place on August 16.

The Wildfire situation was a concern for many here about and some wondered if the event might be cancelled but luckily the weather was good, people and their vehicles were able to make it through to Grand Forks and the event went on as planned.

It happened in City Park and this year the Fire Bells and Fanfare event shared the space … so an added treat were the Fire Trucks on display.

Below we have a play list of videos to share of the event.

First up is an short interview with the organizers, Mel and Lawrence Morgan. Next we have an RCMP demonstration of why you want to use your seat belts properly. Finally there are some 360 degree videos – NOTE: you might have to use Google’s Chrome web browser to view these.

Thank you Mel and Lawrence for all your time and effort to bring all these people and machines together for this great event in our town.

As they say in the interview this takes time and work and they could use help getting it organized in the year before it happens so if you’d like to help out visit their web page and contact them. Grand Forks Park in The Park