Tell The City How You Feel

Last council meeting the Mayor did it and in this week’s Gazette Gene Koch does it. So I’m doing it here.

IF you have a problem with city council let them know.

IF you do not have a problem with your water meter or its installation (or you do) let them know.

The Mayor and Gene Koch are trying to collect as many letters from disgruntled citizens as they can so I say please add your voice. If you do not then the city will officially have a skewed and biased response to an adhoc survey.

And who knows what they’ll do with more ammo …

Ways to contact the city:
On this page on the city’s website you can see all the ways and there is a form you can use to send your message electronically.

Calling City Hall at: (250) 442-8266

Sending a letter to: PO BOX 220, Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0

Sending a fax to: (250) 442-8000

Sending an email to:

And you can always drop it off in person day or night right at the front door.

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