August 11, 2020

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Canada Day

Canada Day 2014 saw some changes from previous years.

This year the Canada Day festivities happened in City Park because it was a Tuesday and the Farmers Market had Gyro Park. (did anyone ask them to give up the facility for a day?)

It worked out pretty well though – the venue was a cozy one and it comes with its own stage. Many people came out to enjoy the parade and when that was done those who had been watching at the end simply had to walk down into the park. (you can enjoy the parade in the videos below).

There were a number of local acts appearing on the stage for our enjoyment. The Elks ran a pancake breakfast and a number of vendors and displays were in place.

The museum had a carriage on display. Rotary were hawking popcorn and getting positive feedback on their Water Spray Park project idea. (The merciless Sun likely helped with that). Off Away from the teas, crafts and plants on sale there was even a political table trying to persuade the public that manual vote counting has benefits over computerized vote counting.

The Friends of the Library were there with a ‘Dining Under The Stars’ contest. The winner gets a catered dinner for them and a few friends. I suggested that if I won I’d ask for it to be under the Star on top of Observation Mtn. Ok, that has logistical problems. But I hold out hope that the ATV club might be of help with that …

It was a bright, sunny day and many people came into the park. The only downside was the sun – it beat down mercilessly and after a while only the brave were sitting out on the bleachers getting baked.

Once again City Councillors were seen serving the public … cake.cake service final gif216
Your choice: Chocolate or Vanilla.

You can watch the parade and other festivities in the videos below. (when the parade goes by listen for the music that the Jazzercizers are moving to. Youtube flagged that as a copyright violation … but now they have a tool to remove the music without damaging the rest of the audio. I tried it out for the first time and am curious how well it will work out – ok it just shuts the audio off for the duration:( )

The evening entertainment in City Park was a local theatre production of Godspell. How did that go? I can’t say because I was in Christina Lake watching, listening and dancing to live bands. Read more about that below …

In previous years Zak Waterlow has put on a music festival for Canada Day. The first two were at Donaldson Park and last year it was in City Park. Unfortunately he naively thought that people at the city would remember that he was doing this and had expressed a yen to do it again this year. Apparently they do not have a memory at city hall for budding cultural traditions like this. How do we know this? Well earlier this year when another group asked to use the city park stage venue on Canada Day (to put on Godspell) no one thought to ask Zak if his plans had changed. OR maybe their policy doesn’t allow them to take that extra step – maybe it’s a first come fist served sort of thing … but whichever reason it was: Zak was pre-empted from using that venue for a festival so that the musical production Godspell could be shown. For 3 nights …

Now Zak and others are not happy about that. I’m including myself in that group.

1st: what does Godspell have to do with Canada Day? It is not a religious holiday.

2nd: gee 3 days … couldn’t the 1st day have been the second of July?

3rd: because Zak had to move the venue it ended up being a pay-to-get-in thing in the next town instead of a free-to-get-in thing here in our town.

Last year because he was prevented from using a venue he could fence off and charge admission to he made it a free event. Some of us helped out so he didn’t lose his shirt. He would have done that again but circumstances dictated otherwise.

Why is it so hard to establish local cultural traditions? Do we not care to support and foster local people who want to make these things happen? Or are we all stuck in our cable TV’s, World Wide Web and Facebook to care much about what happens locally?

I say congratulations to Zak for doing this. And thanks to Fist City, the Invasives, Ford Pier and Roots Roundup for coming to entertain us. The music was great and those of us who attended loved it.

Godspell …. really?