January 19, 2021

Grand Forks TV

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Good Sam Comes to Town

The Good Sam club is holding its Samboree in Grand Forks.

What that means is 126 Recreational Vehicles and hundreds of visitors. Spending days of time and money visiting and learning about our town.
Good-Sam-members-at-curling-rink-1 Good-Sam-members-at-curling-rink-2

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking, and answering questions, about the history of this area for a group of the men. Then later on I got to give them a taste of the many recreational, cultural and entertainment options we have here using the fine videos created by Megan Kienas and Helen Durham for the Show Off Grand Forks contest. They enjoyed those. (and were pleased to hear that Helen is still being creative way into her late 80’s)