June 25, 2014

Grand Forks TV

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City Council Meetings June 23

This day saw two rounds of meetings – the Committee Of The Whole that was moved from June 9th happened this Monday morning and the regular meeting happened in the evening.

Strangely enough, when they got around to discussing anything related to water meters the opponents had stepped out to confer. And it’s not as if they waited until those folks had left – it’s in the agenda so you can tell what’s coming up next …

GF Community Trails Society Presents their report to the City in support of their Stewardship Service Agreement with the City.

Community Futures, gallery 2, The Regional Chamber of Commerce came to report on a Mural Project to decorate walls with artistic murals related to the story and history of Grand Forks. The first target walls are on the buildings either side of the  stage in City Park.

Grow Ops came up …

The Deer Committee would like to have a Referendum on a Cull.
And they’d like to have it separate from the election so it doesn’t become a distracting issue during the election. The off-the-cuff answer on how much the referendum might cost is $20,000. Gulp!

They are also asking the city to consider matching funds for tracking collars to track the movement of the deer. These collars are just over a thousand dollars EACH.

The Committee Of The Whole June 23, 2014 (live webcast)
part 2

The Regular meeting of City Council June 23, 7PM – Live

Our apologies to those trying to watch live for our tardiness in getting the links up. It took a few minutes and would have been comical if it hadn’t happened during a live event. Google had changed things and the feature that allows us to copy the link to the video and paste it elsewhere was malfunctioning. In order to get the link we had to video record the screen and go back over the video and freeze the image and read the link string from the screen. (and sometimes O,o,0 and L,l,1 can be difficult to decipher at first)