The Great Hike Hiker Hikes Into Grand Forks

Around 2008 Dana Meise started following his dream … across Canada from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean and then to the Arctic ocean. On foot.

Since then he’s logged more than 15,000 Kilometers in summers spent continuing the walk across the big land of ours on the Trans Canada Trail. And this weekend he has arrived here in Grand Forks. He hopes to make it to Victoria this year and on to the arctic next year.

We caught up with him as he was ending the day’s walk just before the ‘official arrival’ at Grand Forks (that will be tomorrow). He was just east of town in the Nursery area waiting with John Westaway for a ride from Chris Moslin. We knew where he was (within 10 minutes update time) because he carries a satellite communications device that updates his location every 10 minutes from where ever on the trail he might be. You can see where from this site:

We interviewed him and you can watch that below. Later we joined members of the Trails society for dinner with Dana at the Station Pub. And heard a lot about hiking in Canada. His pick for the province best set up for hiking and biking? Quebec! Of all the groups of people from different ‘walks’ of life which group shows up to walk with him the most? Politicians 🙂

He has a website:

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