May 23, 2022

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City Council Meeting April 28, 2014

This City Council meeting was relatively uneventful compared to some recent ones. Even with that said the gallery audience numbered near a dozen and not all of them were from the anti-water-meter contingent.

Before I go on I want to apologize to the live viewers for the loss of broadcast in the question period. Thanks to a helpful member of the audience I now know another button not to push during broadcasting. BUT we have redundant systems and make a recording so you will be able to view the whole meeting in its entirety below. (or on Shaw Cable if you can catch it)

The meeting began with the Auditor’s Report. Then the Council Reports. The Mayor’s Report. And the Report from the representative to the Regional District (also the Mayor). If you watch these it might help to cast yourself in the role of someone who normally gets reports given to them. Pick a figure you like, any figure. Make believe you’re a teacher and they’re the students. Or you’re the Boss and they’re the Managers. After all … you are the boss. It’s election year so try it on for size. And be a good boss and listen to what they’re saying. Sure you weren’t there and that makes questions hard to ask. But unlike other things you see on TV or the Web this is Local Politics and all of these people are locals who live here. Ok, the Auditor’s representative doesn’t. But the rest do … you can always just ask them when you meet them in public. Or come to the meetings and ask them there. But I’m digressing …

Money is going to be late coming from the Province and the Feds.
This means that some of the road improvements will be tough to get done.
In the Mayor’s report (27:44) he talks about this and so does the CAO.

And anyone who’s dealt with insurance companies before might have seen this coming: Some challenges with the Insurance company’s valuation versus the City’s. (see the CAO’s talk on the City Hall restoration at 38:54)
Expected date to be back in City Hall: by End of November 2014. That means the new council will be meeting in the new / old digs but this one is spending the rest of its time out at Roxul.

And there were a number of people in question period (1:13:36) still asking council to reconsider the residential water metering program. And a few of those questions had to do with where will the meter go, and who pays what, if the resident has an underground sprinkler system? Like many in town do. Oh yes, and Beverly Tripp invited council down to Kokomos Wed 10AM for a meeting of the local members of Canadian for Safe Technology C4ST.

Other things happened and were talked about. Taxes for one. Did that get your attention? Taxes? at 54:03 they begin talking about tax rates …