May 23, 2022

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Pushy Parkers Pushing Planters?

It’s spring and the city has set up the bike racks on Market and Second. Along with the racks they install some concrete & aggregate planters.

One problem: Nothing in the planters means they’re short objects. Heavy short objects. And if someone is driving a big truck with the hood high off the ground they might not see these planters as they leave their parking spot.

planters_overThe one in front of Jogas was down from sometime last night until mid afternoon when, typical guy that I can be, I decided to see if I could right it. Yeah. Sure. Luckily for me a much more muscular guy was just getting out of his truck and together we got it back up and away from the traffic lane. By myself I’d have not been able to do it.

The one in front of Kokomos went down in front of my eyes. A pick-up was leaving the parking space and it just tapped the planter and … over it went. You could tell the driver figured he’d hit something but he couldn’t quite see what it was: his truck hood was quite a bit higher than the planter. And, let’s give him some benefit of the doubt, I think once he saw it he understood that between him and the old guy (me) it wouldn’t be getting back upright. So he just made that typical ‘Doh!’ guy look / smile and left.

Now would this have happened at all if there had been something in the planters that stands tall enough to be visible over the hood to guy-eyes? At least that’s one way of seeing it …

I cannot say for sure if the one in front of Jogas was the result of mischance or vandalism but from their weight the vandal would have had to work at it …