January 22, 2022

Grand Forks TV

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After the fire at City Hall last Thursday (Sept 19) there were fears that the historical archives, housed in the basement of City Hall, might have suffered damage from either the fire itself or the fire fighting efforts. With the post fire investigations taking precedence it wasn’t until Sunday the 22nd that city staff were able to allow members of the archives, museum society and history society access.

Well this afternoon Chief Administrative Officer Doug Allin shepherded us in. We were very happy to see for ourselves that the extent of the threat to the irreplaceable artifacts and documents was very little. Thanks to the quick and efficient efforts of the firefighters of the Grand Forks Fire Department. Their training and professionalism kept this from being a much worse situation.

Mr. Allin also assisted us in surveying the situation and removing some office items and the few artifacts that had gotten damp. Some things were moved into the storage vault space so they would not be in the open when renovations take place.

In the coming period the city will be undertaking renovation and repair but in the immediate future they will be holding an information session on Monday the 23rd at the Seniors Hall in City Park at 7PM.