May 23, 2022

Grand Forks TV

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City Government Reboots

After the fire of Thursday put a hold on the administrative operations of local government the staff have been working hard at getting operations back on track.

For the short term city staff are operating out of the City Works Yard Operations building. In the coming week they will likely be moving into temporary accommodations downtown. Digital information is intact and available for them to use from backup facilities. The city phone number still operates and can be used to contact them. In the coming week some access to city hall will be provided for staff to retrieve paper work and documents not destroyed in the fire.

A special meeting of City Council will be held in the Senior’s Hall in City Park on Monday Sept. 23 at 7PM. The public is invited to attend and find out just what has happened, what they are doing to work around it and how they are going about it. City staff, Fire Department and RCMP will be present to help answer questions and provide information on how and where to deal with the city staff with regards to things that would normally have required a visit to city hall. We will be recording it for later viewing here on If facilities allow we will be broadcasting it live on the web: check this page for updates on how to watch that if you cannot attend.