March 30, 2023

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City Council Meeting of June 24, 2013

Grand Forks City Council held their Regular meeting at 7PM.
Included in this meeting was the Annual Report and Council gave the public a chance to express their opinion.
Also covered in this meeting were:

  • decisions on whether or not to support the Legion’s desire to have a patio space, should there be a beer garden at the live Canada Day Concert (actually the evening before June 29) in City Park, and if the city should contribute to an award in the Park in the Park car show in August.
  • a petition for support on a user built Bocce / Lawn Bowling green space in City Park
  • and a slew of Bylaw changes

Below is the live stream webcast of the meeting


When you’re watching and listening you will find that council follows an agenda and often refers to specifics from it. Those of the public and media who are present have access to physical copies of the agenda while most councilors use the electronic copies on their laptops. Those agendas are also available to you online so you can follow along and see what they’re talking about. The agendas for this meeting are available from the city’s website using the links below.
Regular Council Meeting for June 24, 2013 PLUS Annual Report (31.6 MB)