November 26, 2021

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There IS a Ban on open fires within the city in case you forgot

It’s September and it’s still hot – and dry.

The forests and fields are easily set alight by stray embers from fires – even those that are attended to. So there is a ban on open fires within the city limits … but that doesn’t seem to sink in with some people.

Tonight, Sept 3, the Fire Rescue were called out to a property on Coalshute Road. A backyard fire. The property abuts onto the back end of Observation Mtn. Copper Ridge estates are on the top of the mountain above this location and if the fire had gotten out of control and set the trees and grass on side of the mountain on fire the results could have been catastrophic. Fortunately someone called it in and the fire was extinguished. But …

IF you wanted to know if there was fire ban in place or not how would you find out? After working hours? From the city’s website? If you went there you would have to dig … and then you’d find a notice from the month before last. Some might think that meant it was old and might not still be in effect … and would that be completely their fault?

Here is the notice: