March 30, 2023

Grand Forks TV

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Kootenay Energy Diet

FortisBC came out to Grand Forks on June 18, 2013 to present their Kootenay Energy Diet. kootenay_energy_diet

What’s that? You can get the scoop at their website here but essentially they’re trying to get people to consider making changes to their homes that increase energy use / conservation efficiency and result in lower energy usage and costs. Such things as better insulation in the walls and ceiling, newer windows that help reduce heat loss and finding and stopping air leaks that cause the heating you pay for to leave the house in winter.

There was talk about a cash incentive – they were offering to help offset the costs of the inspections for a number of early adopters. They’d like you to get two inspections, one before any changes are made and the other after upgrades have been done. That way both you and they know just how effective the changes have been.

If you’ve got an older home that’s costing you a lot in heating and cooling or are just curious we recorded it (at the behest of the BoundarySentinel) and it’s on one of our YouTube channels … but you can watch it here: