November 27, 2021

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

Dog Rescue Fund Raiser Rolls Through Town

While driving home I saw a cyclist pedaling west on Central (Hwy 3). From a distance I could tell mike_and_emmyhe was a long hauler and as I got closer I could see signage and a message on his shirt but because of traffic I had to go around the block to pass by again to see what it said. And that led me to ask him if he’d take a break for a minute and I’d trade him a cool refreshment for an interview … which is how we met Mike and his traveling companion Emmy.
Emmy is a rescued canine from L.A. that Mike has adopted and taken on a 2000 Km round trip to raise funds for a non-profit dog rescue group  in Kelowna called ‘Paws It Forward’ AND to help out with dogs displaced by the flooding in High river Alberta

The group he’s riding on behalf of is:
More information can be found at his facebook page:
Donations can be made at