August 14, 2022

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Tales Told

Gallery 2 was full of tales Friday the 24th of January. No rocking chairs – but many tales.

140124_tell_me_a_tale_picsCBAL, The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, put on ‘Tell Me A Tale’ (an open mic sort of event) which asked for your stories about family. Not just your stories but it asked for you to get up and share them with the public. You might say it was kind of like inviting the audience into your extended family for an hour or so.

And there were tales told to the dozen and a half members of this temporary family expansion. From our new ‘sibs for an afternoon’ Lorraine, Sheila, Frank, Martin and others we got tales of childhood misadventures and personal growth experiences; reminiscing of people and times gone by – even a wedding gone off the rails.

It was slated for an hour but ran another half – not unexpected in my experience. Once you get people talking about their lives they don’t really want to limit it to a small segment. It’s good to share the memories of your family’s history with the community at large – then they become part of the lore that community is woven from. And we all feel better knowing we’re not from the most dysfunctional family – there are others out there living lives a lot like ours. And they’ve got the weird relatives and they’ve made similar gaffes as us. We are them; they are us. It’s important to a healthy psychology that we all understand this at a gut level so our shared world view is the same one.

The place where they look at the world like you do is someplace you can feel at home. Add just enough differences and you make it an interesting place with interesting people and remarkable events. And by telling a tale about your life you’re also pointing out that your life too is remarkable.

So thanks to Sheila Dobie, CBAL, the Writer’s Guild and the Riverside Story Tellers for a heart warming event.