March 30, 2023

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

City Council meetings of June 10, 2013

Grand Forks City Council held two meetings today and we recorded them. The public is invited to come down and watch and ask questions.

The first set of recordings are of the Committee Of The Whole, which is their morning meeting that can (and did) last for 3 hours. During COTW meetings the public can participate
(NOTE: Google had made some changes that caught us unaware and as a result the first few minutes of the meeting did not get broadcast. This also resulted in the video going to a new YouTube channel so regular subscribers may not have found it – our apologies)

The last recording is of their regular council meeting which is held on a Monday at 7PM. The public is allowed to ask questions of council at the end of the meeting.


When you’re watching and listening you will find that council follows an agenda and often refers to specifics from it. Those of the public and media who are present have access to physical copies of the agenda while most councilors use the electronic copies on their laptops. Those agendas are also available to you online so you can follow along and see what they’re talking about. The agendas for this meeting are available from the city’s website using the links below.
Committee of the Whole for June 10, 2013 (25.3 MB)
Regular Council Meeting for June 10, 2013 (8.7 MB)