December 5, 2021

Grand Forks TV

video for Grand Forks BC

1st City Council Meeting of 2014

Grand Forks City Council held their first meeting of the year Jan 13.

They began the year still in their temporary digs out at Roxul though one of the topics of discussion concerned the plans for the new City Hall interior. They heard about the buried treasures under the carpet, behind the drywall, and above the false ceilings. And about glass walled spaces …

They also heard about the plans for a new fire truck. They’ve got choices to make and those choices impact us all financially in one way or another. Buying the truck will likely result in adding a parcel tax for a period of time.  Don’t buy the truck and watch the property insurance rates take a permanent hike. A bigger cost than the parcel tax.

Is it noisy in Grand Forks? What are the bylaws on noise and how are they determined? The letter of the law says some noisy equipment is allowed at certain early morning times while other noisy equipment is not – which and why became a topic of much discussion.

Below is the recorded live stream.


Councillor Wyers was absent.