November 27, 2021

Grand Forks TV

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The Grand Forks Fire-Rescue service is holding their 13th Annual Ladder-A-Thon this Friday and Saturday in the Overwaitea parking lot in Grand Forks.

ladder_a_thon_2013Each year this event raises funds to support the efforts of the volunteer fire department. The project this year is a burn building facility for use in training members on how to deal with being inside a burning building. On a recent news cast a commercially created unit of this type was cited as costing $750,000. That’s a very large expense – too much for a small department like ours. So the unit is creating their own from a couple of ‘sea cans’ on grounds the city has given them to use near the airport.

The main activity of the ladder-a-thon has a ladder extended into the air with a firemen sitting at the top. For 24 hours there will be someone up there, each member taking a one hour shift. Even in the rain. All day and all night.

The volunteer fire-rescue members come out to help when you need it – maybe you could think about coming out to help them, they could use it. Have a hot dog, chat with the members leave a donation. It will be greatly appreciated.

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