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Council Meetings July 23, 2018

The only council meeting day of July didn’t disappoint those who expect not-so-smooth-sailing from Grand Forks City council.
It began with an ironic double appearance by one of the delegations at  the Committee Of The Whole meeting in the morning: Paramedics appeared as the 2nd delegation to promote ‘Community Paramedicine in BC’ and then they were back to take the Mayor off to the hospital before the meeting was over! (He is okay and didn’t even have to stay overnight)

Whispers of Hope also appeared to ask the city’s opinion on a plan of theirs: They’ve got a ‘mobile’ kitchen which needs a location in order to serve their clients. They were hoping to use Dick Bartlett Park but that idea was not well received. You can hear all that in the video.

The evening meeting just met the requirements for forum after 3 councilors (Konrad, Ross and Tripp) were no shows. At less than 18 minutes the Meeting was also one of the shortest they have had. You might notice the pie chart has not too many slices. Our apologies for the quality of the audio.


Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce 2018 Quarterly Report BC Emergency Health Services - Community Paramedicine in BC Whispers of Hope - Utilization of Dick Bartlett Facilities Monthly Highlight Reports CFO - Revitalization Tax Exemptions Fall Fair QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC MINUTES Letter regarding moratorium on cannabis production - Township of Langley Quarter 2 Financials - Chief Financial Officer Final Reading of Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 2039-A1 fall fair funding request QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

Founders Day 2018

Greenwood is celebrating Founders Day on July 14 and 15 this year.

Admission is by Donation with the money shared between Founders Day and the Greenwood Food Bank so please be generous.

The line-up for who is appearing / what is happening on the stage:

All the vendor spots appeared to be full at the beginning of Saturday. You can see or yourself in the VR Walk through I did early in the morning. Once the video begins you can change the direction you are looking in by dragging around your mouse  finger in the video.

This year’s parade went off smoothly with no stalls or waits. The weather was accommodating and the onlookers appreciative.

the area’s MP Richard Cannings was present (he even rode a bike in the parade) as was Local MLA Linda Larsen. The Pipe band began the day’s official kick off festivities. While I don’t have the speechifying I did capture the band proceeding to the stage. When the video begins the band is behind you so you will have to ‘turn around’ to see them . . .

For more information and a full list of who is appearing visit their website or their Facebook page.


Flood Recovery Public Meeting July 11, 2018

The first of many public meetings on the Recovery was held at the GFSS auditorium on Wednesday July 11, 2018

These meetings are to inform the public about what has been happening, what is planned and also to get feedback from the public.  A for instance was the appearance of Rockwool and an announcement of their offer of up to 20 bags of insulation free to those needing to rebuild. More info on that at

These are also the place to ask questions and put rumours to rest.
Such as this rumour: Is there an $80 million dollar cash infusion so the city can buy out affected home owners? No there is not.
or this question: Will those having to rebuild have to pay fees to the city for things such as licenses and re-connection of power? No the planners don’t want to add to your pain.

The full meeting can be watched below. IF time permits I’ll try to add  better links to parts of the meeting so you don’t have to wade though the whole thing to find the question or info you need to know. Like I do with city council pie. (but today I have shift to work so time does not permit this)


City Council Meeting June 25 2016

City Council only had one public meeting on June 25

For those watching the meeting it might have gotten a little confusing because they changed the order of agenda items at the start of the meeting right after they gave a big thank you to Samaritan’s Purse for all the work they put into helping out our community.

The Agenda

The meeting in its entirety


Thank You to Samaritans Purse Flood Recovery Update BC assessment delegation Update on Way Finding Signs Council Reports Council Liaison to the Regional Recovery Policy Group INFORMATION ITEMS Third Reading of Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 2039-A1 QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA