Daily Archives: May 21, 2018

May 21 2018 Media Advisory

There was another media advisory conference call today. It was a bit different this time – the system they were using for the previous ones had been dropped. Something about the reservation having run out. So it was an old-style conference call with everyone being able to everyone else.

Here’s out live webcast of that. (the little bit at the start is a sort of homage to The Simpsons – I’ll leave you to figure out who’s Home and who’s Bart)

Rapid Assessment Teams

This past weekend the EOC implemented a Rapid Assessment approach to quickly get an idea of the scope of the damage to buildings and properties that had been served with Evacuation Orders.

They gave 47 people 4 hours of training on how to do it and organized them into 20 teams. The idea is to give a cursory exterior examination and classify into one of three categories. If they left a Green card on your property then appeared to be okay for reenter and clean. A Yellow card meant enter with care and be cognizant of the presence of contamination, possible problems with the electrical system and structure. a Red card means structural damage is obvious and should not be entered until a fuller assessment can be done.

A friend, Mona Mattei, captured from video from this and shared that with us.