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Beware of Fraudulent GoFundMe Campaign Scam

UPDATE MAY 13: The fake GoFundMe campaign mentioned in the article below has been shut down. Thank you to all who took part in reporting it and helping terminate it.

Apparently someone has set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and solicit funds from unsuspecting people. Not only that but they have tried to impersonate Community Futures to add credence to their fake campaign.

The FAKE campaign is currently at this address: https://www.gofundme.com/grand-forks-bc-flood-help


Community Futures Boundary says this on their Facebook page:

Dear Boundary Community – please note that we’ve recently been made aware that a fraudulent “GO FUND ME” campaign has been created and posted as a CF Boundary Initiative. THIS IS NOT A CF BOUNDARY campaign and we are actively working to have it withdrawn. Please DO NOT contribute to this campaign. We apologize for any inconvenience and our hearts are with all of those in our communities who have been affected by these tragic floods. Stay Safe!

If you found yourself at a GoFundMe page and think it might be this one you can look at these details.

Note the bad spelling and inconsistent formatting style.

Always be careful when donating money. Check if you’re unsure about anything.

NOTE There are two other campaigns related to the Flooding in Grand Forks currently on GoFundMe. One of them  has diverted itself (and potential donors) to the other. That is one apparently was set up by Chuck Varabioff who is originally from Grand Forks and is the main driving force behind the Cannafest music festival. As far as we know at this time we have no reason to doubt it’s veracity.

Flooding in Grand Forks

The rivers have spilled over their banks and made their way into downtown Grand Forks and the basements of many homes and businesses.

Thousands are homeless after being evacuated. If you are one of those who left on your own please register so crews can go to other addresses.
Register at GRAND FORKS CURLING CENTRE (7230 21st Street). It only takes a minute and prevents hours of rescue effort.

If you’re still connected to the internet and need more information you can find that at rdkb.com or a number of places on facebook. Many people are posting to the groups Whats Up Grand Forks BC, The Soapbox – Grand Forks BC & RegionBoundary Neighbourhood Watch, and (more official) The Kettle River Watershed Authority.
If you are posting please try to keep it informative and not argumentative. At this time we (as a community) could use less aggravation and more information.

If you are safe and dry and feel the need to help . . .