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City Council Feb 26, 2018

City Council had one meeting on Feb 26.
Councilors Krog and Ross were absent.

Looking at the agenda It didn’t appear it was going to be controversial . . . but once again the Downtown Business Association appeared as a topic of conversation, during the council reports, and the sparks flew.

The highlights of the agenda (each link opens a new tab with the council video beginning at that part of the meeting)

The meeting

REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Highway Signage and Entry Way Solar Now Project Budget Revision of Policy 1603 – Risk Management City Electrical Cannabis Legalization Critical Path Tap and Tapas and Wine Tasting 2018 - Gallery 2 Request for use of City CRA Number for grant toward Heritage Sign - DBA Questions From Public and Media

Council Meetings Feb 13, 2018

Feb 13, 2018 saw two public Council Meetings

In the morning the Committee Of The Whole had a number of delegations with presentations

The highlights of this meeting were:

You can download the agenda from the button on the right or watch the meeting from the links above or the pie slices below.

At 36 minutes the Regular, evening, meeting did not run as long as the morning meeting.

The highlights of this meeting (links open to that part of the meeting just like the pie slices)

Meetings in complete form


Request to submit BikeBC Grant and investigate plowing across Nursery Trestle 2017 Year-End Summary as per Fee for Service Agreement - The Boundary Museum Society Quarterly Update - Grand Forks Art Gallery Society Revision of Policy 1603 – Risk Management City Electrical Cannabis Legalization Critical Path Monthly Highlight Reports QUESTION PERIOD 


Learning Garden - Delegation RDKB Report Development Permit for contractor_s shop at 8168 Donaldson Drive FCM Municipal Asset Management Program grant application Third Reading of OCP Bylaw Amendment and Zoning Bylaw replace and repeal