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City Council Nov 28 2016

This council meeting looked like it would be a short one by the agenda . . . there were no bylaws, few recommendations from staff and mostly it was information items. But looks can be deceiving.

For a hint of the complexities of different levels of government interacting with each other listen to the discussion arising in the RDKB report. For a taste of the costs listen to the description of the process around dismantling the homeless camp.

You can watch the whole meeting from beginning to end or whichever parts you want below the pie chart graphic. BUT if you want to see a particular part you can click on that slice in the graphic below and the video will begin from that part in a new tab/window. The size of the pie slices relates to how much of the meeting they spent on that topic. Topics dealt with in less that 90 seconds do not appear here (though the whole meeting is in the video)



REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL RDKB REPORT Annual Community Christmas Dinner Update on Unsightly Premises City Park Campground review Wetland Nature Parks - Future Dedications overview Sustainable Community Plan Process PetroMaxx/Tim Hortons - Esso Development update infrastructure grants update update on Municipal Natural Assets Initiative update on the Priede Water Main CAO Update on the state of Asset Management in BC

City Council Meetings Nov 7, 2016

The city council meetings of Nov 7, 2016 were relatively short.

You can watch the meetings in their entirety at the bottom OR use the pie charts to watch.
Note on the pie charts: Only discussions that take 90 seconds or more appear as segments in the charts. Clicking on a slice in the chart will open a new tab which will have the meeting video that will begin playing from the start of that discussion.

The Committee Of The Whole


The COTW meeting Agenda can be downloaded from the city’s website.

The Regular meeting


The Regular meeting Agenda can be downloaded from the city’s website.

The videos

Committee Of The Whole

The Regular Meeting

Adopt Agenda Update on the current TELUS PureFibre build The Phoenix Foundation Update on the October 24th Community Conversation and activities Boundary Youth in Philanthropy Club Boundary District Arts Council Clean Water and Wastewater Fund - Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Grant Application BCAAP Grant and Early Budget Approval Memorandum regarding the Quarter 3, 2016, Financial Reports Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers QUESTION PERIOD RDKB REPORT Memo regarding the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Bylaw No. 1614 Pavement rehabilitation for 22nd Street (Highway 3 to 77th Avenue) BCAAP Grant and Early Budget Approval QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

When 2 are Better than 1

onr_card_two_card_id_cardIf you’re a driver in British Columbia you will have gotten something extra with your licence renewal notice – an offer to combine your Driver’s Licence with your BC Services card (it replaces your Medical Services card) This has been in effect since 2012

It’s optional so you can have each on its own separate card. But while the informational material provided touts the convenience it fails to point out the inconvenience also.

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