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FENTANYL Overdose Death in Trail

RCMP_BannerFENTANYL Overdose – Cause of Death in Trail Resident

On October 19, 2014 in the early morning hours Trail and Greater District RCMP were called to a report of a sudden death in East Trail. A 41 year old Trail resident was found deceased in a residence from a possible drug overdose. The BC Coroner Service have now confirmed that the male died from a fentanyl overdose.

Of note, later on the evening of October 19, 2014 police were called to another male who was suffering from an apparent overdose and was taken to hospital. This male was lucky to survive.

Police are cautioning that fentanyl may be sold as heroin. Fentanyl is much stronger than heroin and can lead to accidental overdoses when consumed.

Cenotaph Vigil

Cenotaph vigilRetired Soldiers and others who have served their country are showing up at Cenotaphs across the country to stand vigil. This is in response to the cowardly assassination of two Canadian soldiers recently. The last one was standing vigil at the Memorial in Ottawa.

One might argue that those who did the deeds were crazies infected with a fanaticism they found on the web. That’s another story … this one is not about them. You won’t find their names here – their names should NOT live on …

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was the first one to die – literally mowed down by an assassin’s car. Corporal Nathan Cirillo was the next struck down as he stood vigil. Both served their country, all of us, with distinction. They should be remembered.

Here in Grand Forks early on Oct 25th I found Bud Alcock standing vigil at the Cenotaph by City Hall. By the time I’d finished shooting my segment he’d already been joined by Dave Bachmier.

Both Dave and Bud are Active members of our community, they go above and beyond just being residents and citizens. A strong and healthy community, and nation, needs people like Patrice, Nathan, and Bud and Dave because we can’t all be the ‘served’ … someone has to be serving and standing up to be counted on to make it all work and ensure we’re all safe. We salute you all.

All Candiates Forum Part 1

On Wednesday Oct 22 the All Candidates Forum took place at GFSS. Thanks to the Boundary Regional Chamber of Commerce for putting it on.

This is the first of two public forums: this one was for the public to hear and question the candidates for School Trustee and City Council positions. The next forum will be held a week later and has the candidates for positions of RDKB Area D Director and Mayor of Grand Forks.

I was there and recorded the whole event. And it was also webcast live using the same technique I use to bring you City Council meetings. Apologies for not publicizing that but I didn’t know if I could make the live webcast happen until the day of the event itself.

Below you can watch and listen to the parts of the forum.

For those interested in the School Trustee Candidates:

For those interested in the City Council Candidates:


And this was the original, live, webcast