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Bodies Of Missing Youths Recovered From Slocan Lake


On Wednesday morning May 28th, the bodies of the 3 males who perished in Slocan Lake on May 10th were successfully recovered. The recovery efforts involved Ralston and Associates, New Denver Fire Rescue plus the RCMP dive team. The BC Coroners Department has now assumed control of the investigation.

As previously noted the bodies were located in approximately 500 ft of water. The good weather this morning made recovery efforts much easier than anticipated families of the youth have all been advised of their recovery.


City Council Meeting May 26, 2014

The May 26th meeting of Grand Forks City Council didn’t appear to be straying off into anything controversial. There were a number of decisions to be made regarding a Road Closure and the choice of which way to go with repaving a local road. ICBC wants an intersection review and a local would like a proclamation of Bee Day for May 29th. (Unfortunately the city doesn’t do proclamations)

The Bylaws had to do with fees and charges and some changes to the how votes are cast and counted in elections. Things such as are there enough polling stations for some in the elderly community and should we have mail-in voting. And they’re moving towards a computerized vote counting system with the hopes that it will be quicker, more accurate and cost less than the purely manual labour methods currently in use.

The meeting had the appearance of maybe along smoothly until question period. It was here that the desires of council to reign in the repeated and repeating questioning of the people against the residential water metering program ran into the problem of the desires of the people to make council stop and listen to them and change what their plans are. In particular, council had decided and the mayor stated at the start of the question period, that questioners would be limited to two questions. When that did not work out the Mayor recessed the meeting for 5 minutes. You can watch and listen for yourself below.

The Mayor mentioned he considered the actions of the questioner as tantamount to harassment. What constitutes harassment?

A sampling of what the reference sites on the web have to say on this:

The Free Dictionary says: “the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands” says: “the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly”

And the federal government’s take on harassment in the workplace: “Essentially, the definition of harassment means that more than one act or event is needed in order to constitute harassment and that taken individually, this act or event need not constitute harassment. It is the repetition that generates the harassment. In other words, harassment consists of repeated and persistent behaviours towards an individual to torment, undermine, frustrate or provoke a reaction from that person. It is a behaviour that with persistence, pressures, frightens, intimidates or incapacitates another person. Each behaviour viewed individually may seem inoffensive; it is the synergy and repetitive characteristic of the behaviours that produce harmful effects.”

Like a lot of things that involve human interactions some will agree with the Mayor that this constitutes harassment and others will not. I cannot tell you what to think, only point you in the direction of information and facts and you make up your own minds on the matters.

One thing he did say that has my curiosity going is that answering all the questions on this single topic that have been (and are) regularly posed at every meeting for the past few months has a definite cost in time, effort and money associated with. Should those who are complaining about the cost of the residential water meter program also worry about the costs of answering their questions or not? Another question for you, the reader / resident to ponder …

Missing Youths Located In Slocan Lake


On Monday May 26th the RCMP were contacted by the owner of Ralston & Associates, underwater recovery specialists, who believe they have located the 3 missing youths who drowned in the canoeing accident on May 10th.

The Ralston’s were hired by some of the families to continue searching for the 3, after the 10 day search had been suspended.  The youths were found in approximately 500 ft of water, further from shore than originally reported.  Additional recovery equipment is being brought in from the Lower Mainland to assist in their recovery. The RCMP dive team will be providing support in the recovery efforts, which are expected to take place on Wednesday.

The families of the youths have been made of aware of the information and will be supported by Victim Services and the B.C. Coroners Service. Additional information will be made available later in the week.

Workplace Fatality


The RCMP in conjunction with the B.C. Coroner’s Service and Worksafe B.C. responded to a logging accident that claimed the life of a 35 year Nelson man this morning.  At approximately 8:30 AM police were call to the accident which took place near the Smallwood Forest Service Road.

It appears the man was struck by tree which took his life, the exact cause of how the tree stuck the man, is yet to be determined. Workplace BC and the BC Coroners Service have assumed responsibility for the investigation at this point.  The name of the man has yet been released.


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