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Police looking for witnesses to accident in Trail


On March 25, Trail and Greater District RCMP responded to a two vehicle collision involving a silver truck and a beige car at the corner of Bailey Avenue and Second Avenue in Trail. The two occupants of the car were transported to the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in Trail as a result of injuries sustained in the collision.

Police are requesting assistance from the public. If you witnessed the collision which occurred at 5:40 p.m., you are asked to contact the Trail and Greater District RCMP detachment at (250) 364-2566.


On March 26, 2014 a passenger in the vehicle passed away as a result of injuries sustained in the collision.

Further information relating to the identities of the parties involved is not being released at this time. The matter is still under investigation

Poet Pleases People

Last night Shane Koyczan came to town. We went to see him.

I don’t know who was more surprised: Him at the great reception he received or Us at the size of the crowd.

It wasn’t just Lorraine and I. many were happy to see the GEM nearing a capacity audience for a Poet! And we could hear other people (our age) saying they were really glad to see all the young people in the crowd as well.

Which is another story: we didn’t stop to talk with anyone after the show but I wonder if the younger crowd were wondering why all these old people showed up to hear Shane

But, no matter your age it was obvious the audience enjoyed his performance. We sure did.

If you missed him in Grand Forks, and did not catch him opening the Olympics in Vancouver, you can easily enjoy some of his performance online at his YouTube Channel. Here is his website:

Thank you Anya Soroka and the Boundary District Arts Council for bringing Shane to our little town. Encore! Encore!

A Poet drawing a big crowd in small town Canada … maybe there’s hope after all …


Engage with Local government OR Save the ALR

This evening, March 12, 2014, saw two events for those who are civic minded.

First was the Public Engagement event at the Omega restaurant. Meet and talk with local government in a middle ground with a facilitator. That started earlier, ended later and drew more people than the other event. And it had a free meal.cmty_engagement_indoors cmty_engagement_outdoors

The other event was by the people who grow food about protecting a political entity that exists to protect the land food grows on from being turned to some other, non-agricultural, use. That’s the Agricultural Land Reserve, the ALR.

I shot a few pictures to show the level of interest at the Community Engagement event but I didn’t really think a video camera watching them would improve the atmosphere so I spent most of my time at the Save the ALR event. And they were happy to have me record it for all of you to see and hear later. So watch, listen and learn what Corky Evans has to say. If you want to find out more about what went on at the other event at the Omega check out the other media outlets, the Boundary Sentinel and Grand Forks Gazette. Both were there.

For those who don’t know, in a past existence Corky was a politician. Not just any politician, at various times he was the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, and Minister Responsible for Rural Development under various NDP governments in the 90s and early 2000s.

And he has his own Wikipedia page here:

UPDATE: In the talk various entities are mentioned that have web presences and links to those sites were not included in the original piece. We add them below for you convenience.

He speaks about the Fraser Institute. You can find them here:

The ALR is administered by the Agricultural Land Commission:

Gazette makes a Booboo

Back last year when the local paper decided to not replace the editor when he moved on but to go with using the editor from a nearby town. I let anyone who would listen know my feelings: I was not impressed and felt our town was being short-changed and treated shabbily.

Well now I can say I have personally experienced the fallout from their decision.

Last Friday the opponents of the residential water metering program gathered in Gyro Park. I was there and covered it. And before the meeting actually started I saw city councilor Neil Krog talking with a group of people. So I shot a bit of B-Roll and listened in. Unfortunately I feel the need to point out misinformation, wrong headed thinking and paranoid fantasies for what they are. And this was one of those times when I felt there was a scary rumour with no basis in reality added to the mix of things that are being thrown at council in an effort to get them to stop the water meter program. So I spoke up …

Some background is needed here for the irony so please bear with me:

For those who do not know, I used to the work at the Boundary Museum when it was located downtown in Gyro Park. On the very spot where this gathering took place. I no longer work there because the museum society and city hall got into a fight. City hall closed the doors and shut the society, my employer, out of the building. Within a few months there were no longer any employees – I was the last one to go. But I stood with the rest of the museum people against the city. I was collateral damage in the fight between the Mayor, who was Neil Krog, and the society president, Rick Docksteader.

So last Friday I found myself in the ironic position of standing shoulder to shoulder with the former Mayor, Neil Krog, on the ‘grave’ of the last place I was employed in this town trying to put some facts and reality in the discussion.

In no published articles have I come out and stated my position on the Residential Water Meter program. Of course as a resident I have a position but as a media outlet reporting on these issues I’ve tried to maintain some semblance of impartiality. The only stances I’ve taken is to exhort the public to pay more attention to more issues with city hall than just this. And I’ve tried to point out issues that do not have bearing on the matter at hand or lack a basis in reality.

At the gathering in Gyro Park the Gazette had a photographer.me_in_the_paper One of the shots he took had me and Mr. Krog facing the crowd. They got my name correct however they state in the caption that ‘Les Johnson, middle, and others spoke at the gathering against the implementation of the program.’

That is not actually correct. I did speak, true. I did not speak for or against and the wording of the caption makes it easy to think I spoke against the program which is a mistake. And if the Editor lived and worked in this town full time he or she would know that.

And I would point out that I am still not publicly declaring my position on this issue. My position should not be the point of any news topic unless that IS the topic.