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Trail Man Arrested with Child Pornography

On January 23, 2014, police officers of the Crime Reduction Unit and Trail Detachment GIS Section executed a search warrant for the Possession of Child Pornography at a residence in Trail, BC. Police seized several computers at the residence. The Crime Reduction Unit in partnership with the B.C. Integrated Exploitation (“ICE”) Unit identified a male suspect during an investigation which commenced in the beginning of January 2014. The BC ICE unit is specialized in investigating internet facilitated offences against children.

A 31 year old male was arrested later that day by police and taken into custody. Charges related to Possession of Child Pornography and Possession for the Purpose of Distribution have been forwarded to Crown Counsel for their assessment. The male was released on several conditions including not to have any contact with anyone under the age of 16 years. He will be making his first appearance in Provincial Court on March 6, 2014, in Rossland, BC.

RCMP advise there is no evidence suggesting that any local children were involved in this investigation. Please be aware that no further information pertaining to this investigation will be able to be provided at this time.

The BC ICE unit encourages anyone with information about online child exploitation to help protect children by reporting their concerns to‘s mandate is to protect children from online exploitation by receiving and analysing tips from the public about illegal material and activities regarding the online exploitation of children. Any leads are then referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency and/or child welfare agency. also provides the public with information and other resources such as support and referral services to keep families safe while using the Internet.


Tales Told

Gallery 2 was full of tales Friday the 24th of January. No rocking chairs – but many tales.

140124_tell_me_a_tale_picsCBAL, The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, put on ‘Tell Me A Tale’ (an open mic sort of event) which asked for your stories about family. Not just your stories but it asked for you to get up and share them with the public. You might say it was kind of like inviting the audience into your extended family for an hour or so.

And there were tales told to the dozen and a half members of this temporary family expansion. From our new ‘sibs for an afternoon’ Lorraine, Sheila, Frank, Martin and others we got tales of childhood misadventures and personal growth experiences; reminiscing of people and times gone by – even a wedding gone off the rails.

It was slated for an hour but ran another half – not unexpected in my experience. Once you get people talking about their lives they don’t really want to limit it to a small segment. It’s good to share the memories of your family’s history with the community at large – then they become part of the lore that community is woven from. And we all feel better knowing we’re not from the most dysfunctional family – there are others out there living lives a lot like ours. And they’ve got the weird relatives and they’ve made similar gaffes as us. We are them; they are us. It’s important to a healthy psychology that we all understand this at a gut level so our shared world view is the same one.

The place where they look at the world like you do is someplace you can feel at home. Add just enough differences and you make it an interesting place with interesting people and remarkable events. And by telling a tale about your life you’re also pointing out that your life too is remarkable.

So thanks to Sheila Dobie, CBAL, the Writer’s Guild and the Riverside Story Tellers for a heart warming event.

Dog Sled Racing Returns to the Boundary

(UPDATE at the end)

A few years back dog sled racing came to the Boundary courtesy of the efforts of Dr. Ruth Sims 140125_bsd_racesand a host of volunteers. The 200 mile course following the old railway bed proved to be one of the toughest and the first years’ races were called because there was too much snow.

After a rethink and missing a year the dog sled races are back in the Boundary. This time, instead of 200 miles to cover, they’re sprint races of just a few miles length. Which means they are shorter – you can see them take off and return in at the same event!

The races are this weekend at Jewel Lake. Both Saturday and Sunday.
1st race is at 10:30AM and last is at 1:30PM
I talked with Dr. Sims and she tells me there’s at least 15 teams signed up.

There is a concession stand on site.

Video from a previous year’s finishes:


The first day of racing has happened. A late change has seen ALL the courses moved from the bush onto the lake surface. Take a peek below:


2013 Highway Driving Stats from the RCMP

The other day we reported on a single vehicle accident on the North Fork Road near town. A car had slid off the icy road and rolled onto its roof in the ditch. Shortly afterwards this media release summarizing 2013 appeared in our inbox …

In 2013 the West Kootenay Traffic Services and West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit had a very busy year. We unfortunately had nine fatalities in the area. Of these nine fatalities two were alcohol related and two were pedestrian fatalities. The other causal factors were speed, mechanical or distracted driving. Our condolences go out to the families and friends who lost loved ones.

Drinking and driving, seatbelt and distracted driving are leading factors in serious or fatal collisions.

This year 90 impaired drivers were taken of the road and 120 suspensions were issued in the West Kootenay Boundary area. The units served 1,430 seatbelt tickets and 325 distracted driving charges (cell phone). Drug possession seems to be on the rise with 500 drug seizures. Excessive speed charges which goes with a 7 day seizure of the vehicle is also on the rise with 63 seizures. The units served over 7,300 violation tickets.

The West Kootenay Traffic and IRSU units are striving to reduce crashes and injuries to our motoring public by enforcement and education in high crash areas. We urge all people to slow down, buckle up, stay off the cell phone and get a designated driver. The consequences of an impaired driving charge financially and emotionally on an individual are tremendous.

The West Kootenay Traffic and Integrated Road Safety Unit wish everyone a happy and safe 2014.

One thing I’ve come to realize living here in Grand Forks is that in the winter it’s a lot like the mythical Shangri La: The valley can be a little spot of sunshine and tee-shirt weather but getting in and out of it on the highway can be a visit back to winter and taking your life into your hands. Be careful out there and if you have to travel on the highways be aware, be awake and be safe.

Some of you have no choice but to drive the highway so to those I would advise think about the end result – you want to get there safe and sound. I will leave you with this thought: When I moved here in 2004 women could give birth here in Grand Forks. Now they have to travel to Trail or Nelson. In the winter that can be extra scary …

Just a note: mother and baby arrived just fine thanks to Dad (and the staff at the hospital in Nelson), She’s now a year old.

We are not alone in this hardship – those who live in Creston also face the same issue but instead of the Paulson they get to do the Salmo-Creston. In case you have forgotten that drive take a ride with me below (just don’t try this at this speed – I didn’t):