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Fly-In Fun for Everyone


The new Harvard Trainer CT-156

This past weekend saw the Grand Forks Airport hosting the Grand Forks Flying Associations’ 2nd annual Fly-I and Airport Appreciation Day.

On Saturday many of the out of town participants flew in and there was a Meet-and-Greet with each other and the public. A small talk was given by Grand Forks, own winner of the Top Gun award, Jock MacKay. And you probably thought he just flew choppers, didn’t you? Well, he flew all kinds of craft AND won the Top Gun award. Following that they showed the Hollywood movie Top Gun under the stars at the airport.

Sunday was the big day with over 400 visitors. What did they get to see?

  • 24 airplanes, with 3 warbirds. 2 from Oliver: an older Harvard trainer and a Ninchang Chinese trainer and a current RCAF Harvard trainer out of Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.
  • Aeorobatics display with large R/C model craft out of Fruitvale, B.C.
  • Approx. 30 Cars, and 3 Bikes, in the Show-and-Shine
  • Multiple vendors both inside and outside the fence (Farmer’s Market vendors as well)

The new Harvard was on static display throughout the day but when it left we recorded that. Watch it here:

A number of the craft were giving rides to people. Some flew in the helicopter that came from Campbell River while others flew in various airplanes from local operators. Below you see Ron Wyers from Western Aviation giving a ride to local volunteer firefighter Lee Nermo.

Brian Fletcher, owner of the local Bike shop Chain Reaction, was there with his new Pedicab shuttling people around the site. He gave us a lift from the gate … watch below.

The R/C models put on quite an impressive an aerobatics display for the crowd. Unfortunately one of the craft experienced a mechanical failure but the operator was skillful enough to bring it in for a very hard landing away from the crowd and runway.

The general impression was that it was a good success – since this was only the second time it was held some parts served to show how it could be improved. They want to do it up even better next year and are hoping to get more participating planes, try to organize some rides in the warbirds and better accommodations for some of the vendors.

Some links to companies mentioned in this article:

Western Aviation Services:

Chain Reaction Ride and Slide:

While we did not get there in time to see the Radio Controlled model aircraft doing their aerobatics this year  … we got some video of that last year.

Fall Fair 2013

Well Fall Fair is happening once again in Grand Forks.

It’s not over yet as I write this but I do have some things to share with you from saturday.
(More will be coming later on as time permits me editing)

Fall Fair photos albums



A playlist of videos on YouTube with the Parade, 4H dog agility and Mini-Chuck Wagon races

Explosive Situation in Grand Forks

Update: Aug 22, 2013
After following up with the RCMP this is what is known:

  • The number of dynamite sticks: 35
  • Where did they come from: not known at this time.
  • The man driving them in to the Fire Department tells the police he was doing this on behalf of a friend.
    – On his way he called ahead to the Fire Department who told him to call the police.
    – The police asked him to stop transporting the explosives, to stop all travel.
    – The choice of location, ultimately, was up to the man behind the wheel.
  • The EDU arrived on scene at approx. 6:30 PM after traveling from Vancouver by road.
  • They took possession of the dynamite and it was incinerated at an undisclosed, local, location.
  • Investigation is proceeding and the man may face charges under various sections of a number of federal regulations pertaining to the care, and use of explosives as well as transportation of said material.

Original story:
Residents in the Riverside area found they couldn’t drive into downtown – or if they were trying to get home they found a police blockade where they were told they had to walk. The reason was 30 sticks of old dynamite – sweating dynamite that have been sequestered in an empty space off Riverside drive waiting for the RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit to take control of. And that wait could be a long one – the EDU is coming from Vancouver by land, a trip that can take as long as 8 hours if the summer traffic gets in the way.

How did that dynamite get there?
The police tell me that somebody living out of town discovered the old explosives on their property. They then decided that they should turn them in to the authorities to dispose of. So far so good but their next decision wasn’t the best one: they packed them into a truck and headed to the Fire Department in town. Somewhere along the way they called ahead to the RCMP to let them know what was going on and that’s when the authorities asked them to stop. But it appears they were already in town by that point. Who decided to sequester them where they are now, and why, is unknown to this reporter … but that is how we’ve found our town in the situation it is in. As the situation evolves we will keep you updated.

One final note: should you ever discover unexploded ordinance or old explosives on your property DO NOT try to deal with it yourself or move it. Call the Police or Fire department and let them deal with.