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City Council July 15, 2019

City Council had a rather full day. 4 meetings, 3 of which you can see below.

Committee Of The Whole.
Agenda as an HTML page or as a PDF doc.

Consideration of in-kind support for property owners in DMAF land acquisition Destination GF Team / Economic Development Steering Team Flippin Fun Gymnastics Board of Directors Shelagh Walker Whispers of Hope Revised Policy 802 - Procurement Monthly Highlight Reports Council Remuneration Review Council of Forest Industries - regarding the Interior Forest Renewal Strategy QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC

At 6PM ther was a Public Hearing regarding Bylaw No. 2039-A7 Proposed Rezoning from R1(Single & Two Family Residential) to R2 (Small Lot Residential) and Development Variance Permit Application 2680 75th Avenue.

Right after that was the regular meeting at 7PM. The agenda as an HTML page
or as a PDF doc.
The resolutions regarding economic related activities and plans brought up by the Destination Grand Forks steering committee were dealt with in this part of the meeting.

MINUTES COUNCIL REPORTS Long Term Borrowing for the Fall 2019 MFA Issue - Loan Authorization Bylaws No. 1922 and 1923 Weeds Glass And Gifts Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence Application Consideration of In-Kind Support for Property Owners in DMAF Land Acquisition Bylaw 2039-A7 - Proposed Rezoning from R1 to R2 - 2680-75th Avenue LATE ITEMS QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

The meetings in their entirety.

Committee of The Whole July 15, 2019
City Council Regular Meeting

Values Now and Then

In the city’s mitigation FAQ page they answer the question of how the valuation of buy-out properties will be done saying that the province and federal governments will only go with post flood value.

” … the best it could get from the provincial and federal funding streams was the post flood value “

under the question: We were told that we would get the pre-flood value for our house, what happened?

When I look at the graph showing the timelines for various projects funded by this announcement I see that property acquisition begins in 2019 and stretches into 2020. I have a question about which valuation will actually be used in determining buyout value when the negotiation with the property owner actually happens.

A lot of those properties in North Ruckle have seen a drop into the four figure category. I mean that some properties that were worth 50 to 150 thousand dollars are now worth less than $10,000. That is pretty sad but not unexpected.

But not all of them have seen that same drop and some are still worth, on paper by BC assessment, over $50,000 or $100,000. Some of these property owners have actually spent money out of their own pocket, or the money that they got from the insurance companies (if they got any help from the insurance companies), to get their properties back in shape. Remember that doing this was one of the things suggested to them by the city and others when it was clear this process would take a couple of years.

My worry is that once this process gets rolling the assessments for those properties will also drop into the basement because all of the properties around them are essentially being devalued to Zero. The valuations that BC Assessments uses are what they calculate the values are as of Oct 31 the year before they issue your new year’s assessed value.

So if your property is still worth $100,000 in the year of 2019 and come 2020 you find that your property value has now plummeted – what is that going to do to your buy-out?

If you have to wait until 2020 before they negotiate a price on your buy-out what will your property value be then?

IF this is the case (and to be clear I am NOT saying this is the way it is – only asking a question) is there any way to either freeze the valuation used in the buyout to the 2019 value OR push the properties which still have a good value to earlier in the list to prevent the property owners from encountering yet more pain and suffering due to purely bureaucratic process?

The city is supposed to try and do the best they can on behalf of their tax paying residents . . . I think some resolution on this question is in order. If only to put the minds of those who have already lost so much and have no clear path into the future at rest.

UPDATED to point out that this is a question about how it works and not a statement about how it works.

City Council June 24, 2019

Council had a very busy day this Monday – without even having a Committee Of The Whole.

The day began with two public hearings / feedback sessions beginning at 1PM.

The first was a Hearing regarding Bylaw No. 2039-A4
Proposed Rezoning from R1 to R4 to accommodate agricultural uses on the 7600 Block of 8th Street.
No one showed up to speak to it as you can see below.

Following that was the Public Feedback sessions regarding a Development Variance Permit for the Proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence at 7500 Donaldson Drive.
This is the current location of the Warming Centre.
A number of people showed up to speak against Pot and Pot stores in general. The warming centre turned out to be a side issue in this hearing. Listen below.

Right after these sessions Council had a long in-camera session. Of course I cannot tell you what they discussed – media isn’t allowed in the room. But they do give an agenda where they show which sub–sections of section 90 they are using to invoke the in-camera proceedings. I’ll reproduce that part of the agenda below:

THAT Council convene an In-Camera Meeting as outlined under Section 90 of the Community Charter to discuss matters in a closed meeting which are subject to Section 90 (1)
(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered
for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;
(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council
considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and
(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal
service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public;

Finally the evening meeting took place at 7PM. A number of items were added to the agenda and they related to the housing issue and warming centre.
The links to the Agenda for this City Council Meeting are:
As an HTML page
As a PDF doc

ANNUAL REPORT West Boundary Community Services Co-op Association REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Discussion on 2nd Street Housing Meeting requests with Premier Horgan, Provincial Cabinet Ministers and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Bylaw 2060 - Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 2054 – Smoke and Vape-Free Places Bylaw 2039-A7 - Proposed Rezoning and Development Variance Permit 2680 - 75th Avenue Discussion about the Warming Centre QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

City Council June 10, 2019

June 10 was a busy day for Council with a number of meetings. Not only that but it was also a day where they were deciding on a highly controversial issue: Should they work towards changing BC Housing’s planned location for the Supportive Housing from downtown to lots on 70th adjacent to the project BCH has nearly finished?

To ‘support council’ (and remind them about the level of concerned opposition) a local group held a rally outside city hall just before council. Some people from this rally also wanted to attend the meeting.

When the public gallery gets full in council chambers staff enforce the fire code regulations and prevent people from entering until seats become available. This was the case for the evening meeting and the result was a group of people waiting in the hall and extending down the stairs.

Normally those in the hall wait and if they talk among themselves keep the volume at a respectful level. Apparently a couple of the people in this group would not do that – the hubbub could be heard for the first 20 minutes of the council meeting. So much so that people sitting near the door were experiencing some difficulty hearing the proceedings in the room (not every councilor uses the their microphone) At one point chanting was heard – what the reason for that was I cannot say. I was stuck in the room running the live webcast. When they would not quieten or leave the police were called. They settled down after the RCMP attended and talked to them. No one was arrested.

The result of council’s deliberations on this went in their favour: Council voted not to let the motion proceed to a 3rd and final reading. So the move will not happen. And the facility will go into the location on 2nd and Central downtown . . . which very many oppose as well.

Council did have other things to discuss and decide. You can see that from the agendas which you can download below.

Committee Of The Whole Agenda as an HTML page or as a PDF doc.
Evening meeting Agenda as an HTML page or as a PDF doc.
Evening meeting Agenda Addendum as an HTML page or as a PDF doc.

Committee Of The Whole meeting
Quarterly Report Gallery2 Overall goals and objectives of the Boundary Area Food and Agriculture Plan Forestry Partnerships Petition regarding the 5th Street location of Whispers of Hope Community Kitchen REGIONAL TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION - WITH AREA D Development Variance Permit No. DVP1901 Proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence at 7500 Donaldson Drive Monthly Highlight Reports Bylaw 2057 - Parks Access Review Bylaw 2045-A2 - 2018-2022 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw 2060 - Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 2039-A4 - Proposed Rezoning from R1 (Residential – Single and Two Family) to R4 (Rural Residential) to accommodate agricultural uses on the 7600 Block of 8th Street Bylaw 1919-A3 - Proposed Text Amendment to Official Community Plan Boundary Flood Recovery Transition Memo QUESTION PERIOD FROM THE PUBLIC
Evening meeting
ADOPTION OF AGENDA Third Reading, Rezoning from R1 ? Residential to CD ? 2 Comprehensive Development ? City Owned Lots A, B, C and D on 70th Avenue Concerns regarding traffic on 75th Avenue between 1st and 7th Streets COUNCIL REPORTS RDKB REPORT Donaldson Drive repairs Capital Budget Amendment ? Three Phase Service Upgrade 19th St Development Variance Permit No. DVP1901 Proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence at 7500 Donaldson Drive Revised resolution for UBCM Housing Needs Report grant application Quarterly Stats for January, February, and March 2019 Development Permit Application ? Environmentally Sensitive Area on North Boundary Drive, Proposed Mobile Home Park and Ecological Reserve Proposed Rezoning from R1 (Residential ? Single _ Two Family) to R4 (Rural Residential) to accommodate agricultural uses on 7600 Block of 8th Street Add Massey Park to Schedule A Ask BC Housing and Whispers of Hope to sit down with QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

Or you can watch the meetings in their entirety below