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City Gives Whispers More Time

Last week the city gave notice to Whispers Of Hope: Cease operating on Friday and get packing to leave – your lease is done.
And Whispers responded with No we will not stop operating, you have no legal reason to terminate our lease.

This week the city relented a bit. their new stance can be found in this press release on the city’s website. The new notice can be read below (here is the link to that PDF doc on the city’s own website).

Essentially they’ve given Whispers 30 days to straighten out and fly right (by the terms of their agreement) or face eviction. And it also says they have 6 months to find a new home even if they do conform. So Whispers / BETHS have some extra time to achieve a move to another place. Some other place not in the city’s yard, back or front.

Unfortunate for sure but not the end of the world just yet. BETHS isn’t even open for the season and they have to find a new place and find a way to make it habitable at least to whatever standards a shelter needs to conform to. To see what they did to make this place take a look a what it was like when it opened.

Download (PDF, 63KB)

Rally to Support Whispers Of Hope

Friday morning Aug 4, 2017

At 9AM supporters of Whispers Of Hope turned out to rally and add their voices to the conversation around this latest action by the city of Grand Forks. (see documents at the bottom of the page)

Nearly 60 people were gathered around the north steps to hear what was said. Organizers Lorraine Dick and Teresa Taylor were joined by Louise Heck, Board Chair of the Whispers Of Hope Benevolence Association. Then the public were invited to speak. A number did: former board members, community social activists, customers of the thrift store and others. Among them was even retired councilor and Mayor Jake Raven.

CBC Radio interviewed Mayor Konrad Thursday morning (8:04 into the recording) As she mentioned on a CBC Radio interview the next day (7:59 into the recording) Ms. Heck said the board was not caving in to the city’s demand to cease operations and vacate the premises.

Watch and Listen to what was said below.

Download (PDF, 218KB)

City Council Meetings July 17, 2017

It was a busy day in Council with 3 meetings. We bring you two of thee today. The afternoon meeting was about Affordable and Small Housing and will be available at a later date.

First was the Committee Of The Whole in the morning.

Two topics that generated heated discussion were the Fire Risk during the department managers monthly reports and the discussion about the proposed Womens’ Transition House.

The fire risk was heated because of the apparent inability of any level of government to stop a homeless man from starting camp fires in the bush on Observation Mtn. I’ve got an editorial piece on that here. Residents and home owners are very unhappy with this situation.

Certain neighbours of the proposed Transition House oppose the project’s location nearby their properties. Today they argued it doesn’t fit within the zoning regulations.

Regular Meeting

The Regular meeting took less time and was less controversial.

Financial quarterly update WITH AREA D Community Satisfaction Survey Monthly Highlight Reports from Department Managers update on fire risk Development Permit for Womens Transition House IN-CAMERA RESOLUTION

REPORTS, QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES FROM MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Application for subdivision in Agricultural Land Reserve on 75th Ave. dev permit for womens transition house UBCM 2017 Convention Registration Proposed Disc Golf project QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA

City Council Meeting June 26, 2017

City Council only held one meeting on June 26.

Before the meeting really got under way they presented the Annual Report.

Then they spent nearly half the meeting on a mobile web platform marketing item call ‘In The Loop’. This entailed a phone in presentation by a representative of the company.

The last item (before questions) was the official statement regarding a complaint to council resulting from remarks made at a previous council meeting.

NOTE: apologies for the misspelling of the month June at the bottom of the video.


ANNUAL REPORT Get in the Loop Statement of Financial Information Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Changes for Affordable and Sustainable Housing Application for Special Occasion Liquor License City Position on a complaint issue QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA