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Spring Fling Returns

Back in 2012 the Pipers in Grand Forks hosted a Spring Fling. That saw 9 other Bagpipe bands come to town for a competition – and fun.

Well they’re doing it again in 2018.

I bumped into Steve McGibbon last week and got the skinny on the event.

If you’re curious and want to see more here is a play list of the 2012 Spring Fling


Preparing for the Melt Waters

In recent weeks locals have begun monitoring the water levels and organizing in preparation for high water once the snow pack melts away.

As part of these efforts the Regional District has provided sand and bags so community members can bag sand and try to protect their property. These materials have been left at 2 locations: behind the Grand Forks Arena, at the Grand Forks Airport and at the Firehall in the Nursery area on Starchuk.

I dropped in on one of these sites and interviewed Gabe Warriner who is one of the lead volunteers. I learned a bit talking to him:

Research on the web showed volunteers how to construct jigs to make filling easier and quicker and this has allowed 3,000 bags to be made and installed since the project began.

Many of the properties in the low lands of Johnson Flats have been fitted out with protection. Similarly the trailer park along the river. But there are many properties in Grand Forks along or near the river and Gabe says bagging will be going on all week.

They could use all the help you can provide. If you’re healthy enough to bag and have the time maybe think about spending a while helping out your community. Not up to that? Those bags have to be transported to where they are needed . . . if you have a pick-up or trailer.

And if you’re worried that your house or garage might be vulnerable and could use some sand bags well just pay one of these sites a visit. But don’t wait too long – the bags and sand won’t last forever.

As the situation evolves things could get urgent. Check the RDKB website for information on what is happening and what is being done. If you live in or near Grand Forks you might want to visit the City’s website

Local Volunteers Recognized with Sovereign’s Medal For Volunteers

An event on the steps at the north entrance to City Hall n the morning of July 19, 2017 took place to celebrate the awarding of the Sovereign’s Medal For Volunteers to two long time local volunteers: Lorraine Dick and Chris Moslin

On hand were MP Richard Cannings, Mayor Konrad, a number of city councilors and an appreciative crowd of supporters.

Moslin, a former teacher and city councilor, was lauded for being instrumental in the Rails to Trails project since the beginning. Dick who has volunteered in various roles and projects over the years was singled out for the volunteer income tax preparation program.