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Amateur Radio Field Day

June 23, 2017

This weekend is the 80th Annual Amateur Radio Field Day and Ham Radio operators from Grand Forks are taking part.

This event is a part of emergency services – specifically it tests and demonstrates that local amateur radio operators / clubs can support communications in the event of catastrophes that knockout the normal power and communications systems. The idea, as Brian Norwood explains in the video, is to operate a shortwave radio station powered off-grid for 24 hours. Clus all over North America are also participating. During this time the gear can only powered by batteries, generators or solar power generation systems. Fructova, where this group is setting up, has a large array of solar photo-voltaic panels.

The public is invited to come down and find out more – the operators have to man the site for 24 hours from Saturday June 24 overnight to Sunday.

Christina Lake Launches Canada 150 Event

Christina Lake held their official Launch of their Canada 150 Event: Homecoming / Retrouvailles Summer Festival (which happens in the summer). The Launch drew a crowd of dozens and was held in the Welcome Centre. Present were MP Richard Cannings, Director McGregor and Mayor Konrad members of the media, tourism staff and the public.


Santa Comes to Grand Forks

Dec 2 is the day Santa came to town.
You can see him riding the last float in the parade video below.
The weather cooperated – Grand Forks got its first snowfall of the season just in time for the parade.

After the parade was the official switching on of the ‘tree’ and light display in Gyro Park. This year there are 3 trees.

A lot of people came out and enjoyed the events. Many are giving congratulations to the people who put all this on.