GFI 2018 Will Not Happen

The GFI issued a statement Wednesday to announce this year’s GFI tournament is cancelled. That statement follows.
After much thoughtful consideration and discussion with stakeholders, the Grand Forks International Committee is saddened to make the difficult decision to Cancel this year’s Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament scheduled for June 26-July 2, 2018.
The impact of recent flooding has rendered business and accommodations damaged or destroyed, has depleted the necessary volunteer base required to operate the tournament, and has generally devastated the community to a point where it is impossible to move forward with this event for 2018. There is too much uncertainty in the coming few months to make commitments to travelling teams or to allow us to entertain holding any kind of successful event due to these logistical challenges facing us as a whole.
We are thankful to the City of Grand Forks and Provincial departments, the RCMP, the Canadian Armed Forces and especially all the volunteers of this great community that are working around the clock to help the City rebuild.
The City will rebound and be stronger than ever, and so will the GFI. The 37th tournament will return June 25-July 1, 2019 and we look forward to bringing you this wonderful event at that time.
Stay Strong Grand Forks!

Yours in Baseball,
Steve Boutang – Tournament Co-ordinator

For more information please contact Tournament Co-Ordinator Steve Boutang at or 250-919-4754, or Janice Strukoff – Director, Grand Forks International Society 2001 at or 250.442.6648.

Council Meetings of May 7, 2018

City Council had a full day on May 7 with a Committee Of The Whole in the morning and a Regular Meeting in the evening.
Since the beginning of the year we’ve been webcasting the meetings Live on YouTube. Due to a technical glitch using YouTube was problematic this time so in a ‘need-to-get-it-working’ moment we used Facebook for the live webcast. This opened a new dimension in public/government communication. More on that in a separate article. Councilor Ross was out of town but did find the meeting stream and did watch. We know this because she check in on the Facebook comment thread associated with the webcast.

The COTW meeting ran two and a half hours. The order of items was altered from that in the agenda but all items were covered.

What was covered in the agenda:

The evening meeting ran just over an hour and had some interesting topics.

Are you still on Septic?

If you live in the city but use a septic system instead of city sewer services then you might find the Sewer Phasing Plan of interest. It begins on page 29 of the agenda package with the conversation about it beginning 13:45 into the meeting.

BC Housing Asked and the City said . . . ?

BC Housing approached the city with an ask for in-kind contributions to the new Women’s Transition House development. This is the same project that saw nearby residents and property owners come down to plead with council to do something to stop it . That came to no avail since council had nothing to do with it. But it’s an election year what do you think council chose to do? Watch and find out.

The meetings in their entirety



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